Who is a Surrogate Mother?

A Surrogate Mother, also known as a Gestational Carrier, is a woman who agrees to carry a child to term for the Intended Parent(s). In the case of Gestational Surrogacy, the Surrogate Mother does not provide eggs to create embryos, which are created from the Intended Mother and/or Intended Father’s harvested genetic material, or the genetic material of an Egg donor and/or Sperm donor.

In a California Surrogacy arrangement, Surrogate Mothers relinquish any rights to the child(ren) through a legal process, allowing the Intended Parent(s)’ name(s) be placed on the birth certificate.

Successful Surrogate Mothers usually have the following qualities:

  • Have a history of uncomplicated pregnancies resulting in healthy babies
  • Are healthy and do not have any serious medical conditions
  • Psychologically sound
  • Live in a good home environment
  • Can pass a criminal, credit & DMV background check
  • Are financially stable
  • Are between the ages of twenty and forty

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