International Intended Parents

Masler Surrogacy Law helps International Intended Parent(s) from all over the world who wish to enter into Surrogacy Arrangements and Egg Donor Agreements in the State of California. We have much success with our international clients, due to the level of care and attention we give to each case, and due to our understanding of California Family Law. We provide all Intended Parents assistance throughout the entire process, until birth of the child(ren).

Our comprehensive and holistic approach allows us to establish the parental rights of the Intended Parent(s) in an organized and well thought-out manner, with their specific needs considered in the drafting of legal documents presented to the courts. This approach ensures that International Intended Parent(s) receive the best legal representation in the Surrogacy industry.

The United States, and more specifically California, is considered to be the best option for International Intended Parents who wish to enter into a Surrogacy Arrangement, for a variety of reasons. First, Surrogacy is open to both heterosexual and homosexual couples, as well as single people who desire to start a family. Second, legal conditions are very favorable for Surrogacy. California Surrogacy laws are built to protect not only the Surrogate Mother, but also the parental legal rights of the Intended Parent(s). Third, many of the Fertility clinics in the State of California are considered the best in the world, employing world-renowned doctors who use state-of-the-art medical equipment and advanced methods in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology.

Masler Surrogacy law has assisted many Intended Parents from various parts of the world to start or expand their family. It is important that International Intended Parents work with an experienced Surrogacy lawyer to draft agreements and contracts in order to ensure that their parental rights are fully established.

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