Legal Services for Surrogate Moms

Surrogate_Mother_Relaxing_Bubbles_Masler_Surrogacy_Law_Attorneys-185By becoming a Surrogate Mother, you are helping individuals fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. To best ensure that you experience a positive surrogacy journey, you must understand the processes, your rights and responsibilities, and those of the Intended Parents. We help you step-by-step to understand the risks involved and what you are entitled to throughout the journey.

Masler Surrogacy Law’s active participation in the process helps reduce any issues that may arise through each critical step such as the establishment of the Intended Parents’ legal parentage, your compensation, your medical expenses & insurance.

Masler Surrogacy Law attorneys are experts in the field of California Surrogacy Law and reproductive technology. We will provide you with an understanding of potential legal risks involved in your arrangement and will be with you throughout each step.

Let Us Help You Understand Your Legal Rights

Masler Surrogacy Law Helps Surrogate Moms throughout the entire Surrogacy process.