Legal Services for Parental Judgment (Surrogate Moms)

You are now pregnant, that is good news! Now what? At typically 11 – 12 weeks of gestational pregnancy, the Intended Parents’ attorney will begin preparing the necessary court documents to obtain a Parental Judgment. Our office will be communicating with you to obtain certain information to assist the Intended Parents with their preparation. It is important that we receive the requested information timely to avoid delay.

Once the documents are prepared, we will schedule a review with you to go over the documents carefully. The approved and signed documents will then be filed with the appropriate court.

Our office works closely with Surrogates to ensure the court documents reflect the correct information, this is important to ensure that your rights are protected and to minimize any risks of delay.

Let Us Help You Understand Your Legal Rights

The Law Offices of Gregory S. Masler helps Surrogate Moms throughout the entire Surrogacy process.