Legal Services for Parental Judgment (Intended Parents)

Both the Surrogate and you have finalized the Surrogacy Contract and a positive pregnancy resulted! Congratulations! This is one huge step closer to family formation! There is one last step left to wrap this whole process up. The Surrogacy Contract expresses the intent by both sides to enter a voluntary surrogacy arrangement, but it does not legally create parental rights over the child born through surrogacy. To do that in California, necessary court forms and pleadings must be prepared and properly filed with a Court that has the appropriate jurisdiction to issue a Parental Judgment in the Intended Parents favor. California.

Our office works closely with Intended Parents to monitor the pregnancy status and will reach out to you to begin the final step of this legal process at about 12 weeks of gestational pregnancy. The filing requirements vary in California from County to County, and it is important to make sure each and every document is prepared properly. The typical time for obtaining a Parental Judgment range from 4 – 6 weeks from beginning to finish, depending on how quick the necessary information is received to complete the preparation process. Our office works closely with the Intended Parents to ensure a transparent and smooth process. (I moved this to here from below).

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