Legal Services for Egg Donors

LEGAL PROTECTION FOR EGG DONORS IN CALIFORNIAEgg Donation is a noble act which allows Intended Parents the ability to have a child they could not have without your help. It’s important that you understand the process and your legal rights before you decide to donate your eggs. Masler Surrogacy law will help you with the legal process and paperwork to ensure that your rights and responsibilities are clearly defined.

An Egg Donation Agreement details the intentions of both the Egg Donor and the Intended Parents to each party involved and to the California courts. In the event you know the Intended Parents, the Egg Donation Agreement will help keep your relationship in tact.

The Egg Donation Agreement should detail:

  • Intent of the donor to relinquish all rights to the baby
  • Compensation for pain, suffering and medical expenses
  • Who will be the legal parents of the child

Consult with the Law Offices of Gregory S. Masler before signing any kind of agreement. This is necessary to ensure that your rights are protected and to minimize any risks that may arise from entering into this type of agreement.

We Help Egg Donors Understand Their Rights

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