Will the Tiger Baby Come in Time?

By Thomas H. Yau

Within the vastness of this world lies a variety of traditions and cultures, each with its appealing uniqueness. Among Chinese traditions, the year of a different zodiac can mean many things. Chinese parents would often wait years until the right year for having a baby. For this year of Tiger, it has a lot in store for parents expecting or wanting to have a baby. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, this year of tiger is of water attribute, a match that is seen once in a century.

The zodiac of tiger is often associated with courage, ambition, and confidence. However, a zodiac that lacks fear may sometimes mean recklessness or stubbornness, a characteristic that undoubtedly finds itself as one of the major shortcomings for people of tiger zodiac. In this coming scene of the century, a tiger is met with the mellow flow of the water, adding level-headedness and calmness to their fierce personality. A baby born in the year of 2022 is destined to become a great leader in the future, and so is said in the Chinese reading of this year of tiger.

I am by no means an expert in Chinese metaphysics, just a curious fellow peeking through the veils holding the secrets to great fortune. As an immigrant of Chinese descent, I have kept the various traditions with me growing up. If being in a particular year can shape one’s future, it may well be a worthwhile chance to take.

Setting traditions aside, the importance of ensuring all steps are properly followed in a surrogacy arrangement in the pursuit of a tiger baby is not diminished. Unlike ordinary parents, intended parents in a surrogacy arrangement must participate in lengthy matching, medical, and legal processes. Many parents have been planning for a long time for their baby to be born in this year of tiger, but some may have developed this interest just recently. For those parents who feel they can “squeeze” in to hope for a tiger baby might wish to expedite the process. Expediting a surrogacy process often means less due diligence by the parents in each of the processes. As legal professionals, we aim to provide excellent services according to your need, but it is also our duty to ensure you are fully advised of all legal rights and risks.

If you wish for a tiger baby but have just begun the surrogacy process, do not neglect the importance of conducting due diligence on all aspects of a surrogacy arrangement.

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