Born Under the Spotlight – Nick Jonas’ and Priyanka Chopra’s New Born Surrogacy Baby

The world of surrogacy is a mysterious one, you do not hear about it until a celebrity couple decides to announce it to the world their new-found love—a new baby born through surrogacy. The most popular news recently on the table concerns nothing more but Nick Jonas’ and Priyanka Chopra’s newborn surrogacy baby. Surrounding the conclusion of the couple’s joyous surrogacy venture are, again, controversies against the use of third-party reproductive technology for purely social reasons. At age 39 with no known fertility issues, some critics, those hiding in the dark up until this point, lash out at Priyanka Chopra for encouraging surrogacy as a trend.

The couple has been open to the public about their desire to opt for surrogacy since the beginning, but transparency does not always garner acceptance. The question we all ask in our mind, when is it acceptable to choose surrogacy? A debate on this topic easily rivals a never-ending philosophical battle on the issue about whether the chicken or the egg came first. Traditionally, surrogacy is associated with couple with fertility issues. As the practice of surrogacy takes roots in our society, same-sex male couples or single parents have begun to choose surrogacy to achieve their dream of family formation. Factoring the glamorous world of Hollywood into this consideration, choosing surrogacy often seems like a personal convenience.

If a healthy woman desires to have a baby, but at the same time, someone else is going to carry her baby, is this wrong? There is practically no right answer to that question! The more important question should nonetheless be, does it somehow make the woman and her spouse less than good parents? In surrogacy arrangements, Intended Parents are often in close contact with their surrogates and enjoy equivalent birthing experiences on a mental scale. While an Intended Mother may escape a real-life birth experience, she is well vexed with the legal complexity and medical procedures associated with a typical surrogacy. Just because some couples choose surrogacy, it does not mean they are hands off from the journey. In the end, these parents are just as ready to parent their children born through surrogacy.

Social Surrogacy allows but a glimpse into the actual fertility industry, surrogacy remains an inevitable choice for a huge majority of parents. However negative Social Surrogacy is painted by certain critics, it should never take away the reality that it is a necessity for many.

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