Idaho Surrogate Steps in to Carry Twins for Younger Sister


The Intended Parents tried for 7 years to have a baby but were unsuccessful. The Intended Mother's sister offered to become a Surrogate mother and delivered twins at 37 weeks.

The clinic required the Surrogate and her sister enter into a Surrogacy Contract. The Surrogate was required to give up her parental rights, as Surrogate Mothers in Idaho are automatically recognized as the legal mother.

Kim Richardson, a labor and delivery nurse, is no stranger to fielding newborns. But catching her own son — birthed by her sister — made for a delivery as remarkable as the sisterhood that made it possible.

“That’s my son,” Richardson remembers thinking. “I just caught my son.”

Her sister, Andrea Friesen, laid her head back on the hospital bed and sobbed with relief.

“Every single nurse, doctor, everybody in there had tears in their eyes,” the sisters’ father, Don Larson, said. “And it was just that final relief of, oh my goodness, it’s finally over, and it was successful.”

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