Surrogate Babies Born in Cambodia Stuck in Limbo Waiting for Visas to Leave for Australia

Up to 10 babies born via Surrogacy for Australian Intended Parents are stuck in Cambodia waiting for visas. It is believed there are more than 50 babies currently carried by Cambodian Surrogate Mothers.


The Cambodian government is refusing to issue exit visas for all surrogacy cases where the newborn babies have a foreign passport, in a developing human crisis in the country.

Chou Bun Eng, Cambodia’s Secretary of State at the Interior Ministry, warned last December that if intending Australian parents failed to present themselves to Cambodian authorities the government would not facilitate them bringing their babies to Australia.

“We want to ensure that promises made to surrogate mothers are fulfilled … that the contract is completed,” she said.

Few if any of the parents have come forward. Cambodian authorities declared last October that commercial surrogacy constituted human trafficking pending the passing of a law yet to be drafted that deals with the practice.

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