Member of the British Aristocracy has Baby with help from a California Surrogate


Viscountess Weymouth has become the first member of the British aristocracy to have a baby born by surrogacy after doctors warned her she could die in pregnancy.

Lady Weymouth, formerly known as Emma McQuiston, and her husband Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount Weymouth, heir to the Longleat estate, welcomed baby Henry Thynn into the world on December 30 at a private US clinic.

Her husband, 42, told the Mail On Sunday: “Never did I imagine that in West Hollywood I’d become father to John’s little miracle baby brother. It’s a wonder of modern science that the Longleat Bath family has been completed (for now at least) by Emma and I having a much-loved son, helped so crucially by a tremendous surrogate in California, to extend our family.”

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