Irish Court to Determine Legal Status of Child Born Through Surrogacy – No Genetic Connection With IPs


The Irish High Court will hear a case in January to determine the legal status of a child born through an international surrogacy arrangement to whom the intended parents have no genetic connection.

The issue was identified after the intended parents applied to bring the child into the country but were told that, because of an absence of a genetic connection, they would need to make the child a ward of court. The Irish Times reports that the father believed the child was his. The child has since been allowed into Ireland on ‘humanitarian grounds’, reports RTE.

Making the child a ward of court last September, Mr Justice Michael Moriarty described the case as unique and exceptional. The wardship will last until a full hearing is conducted early next year, after the case was adjourned earlier this month when lawyers for the Irish Government, which supported the application for wardship, told the High Court that further DNA testing was needed to establish who the biological father is.

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