Surrogates in the UK Giving Babies to IPs in Parking Lot Due to Potential Legal Disputes


Hospitals are forcing surrogates to hand over newborn babies to parents in car parks for fear they may fall foul of “dire” and “outdated” surrogacy laws that are failing families, The Independent can reveal.

Surrogates, parents and lawyers say such handovers are “demeaning” and leave families feeling distraught, humiliated and let down by an ongoing failure to properly legislate for surrogacy. They say hospitals are insisting the emotional moment of receiving the baby happens in the bleak environment of the car park because hospital staff fear they could be implicated in legal disputes if the exchange happens on NHS premises.

Natalie Gamble, a lawyer who specialises in legal issues surrounding surrogacy, said she had been involved in many similar cases.

She said: “This is relatively common, since hospitals do not wish to be involved in the handover of a child who are not legal parents. It’s just one example of how the lack of legal recognition of surrogacy in the UK makes those involved feel what they are doing is somehow illegitimate or murky.”

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