South African Same-Sex Couple Have Triplets Via Surrogacy

Two embryos, each fertilized with one of the men’s sperm, were transferred to the Surrogate Mother. One of the eggs split, resulting in triplets.


A same-sex couple happily received three times the blessing with the arrival of their newborn triplets. Report claim that this is the world’s first same-sex triple birth via surrogacy. The babies were conceive using the DNA of both dads.

According to The Telegraph, South African same-sex couple Theo and Christo Menelaou’s sperms were able to fertilize one egg each. However, during the course of the pregnancy, one of the eggs split. Thus, two of the triplets are actual identical twins. Doctors say that this rarely happens.

However, the pregnancy didn’t come without any complications and doctors advised the couple and their surrogate mom to terminate two of the fetus to give the remaining fetus a chance to survive. Yet, the fathers persisted and Joshua, Zoe and Kate were born at under 31 weeks this July.


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