Australian Government asks Cambodia to stop Commercial Surrogacy

Many Australian Intended Parents have started Surrogacy Journeys in Cambodia even though the Australian government has warned the couples that they may face hardships due to an unknown legal system and government regulations. Australian couples who pursue surrogacy in Cambodia may face fines and possible imprisonment.


Cambodia has told Australia that commercial surrogacy is prohibited in the country as an increasing number of Australian couples seek surrogacy services in the capital Phnom Penh.

The edict leaves several dozen Australian couples who have gone to Cambodia seeking to become the biological parents to babies born to surrogate mothers open to possible imprisonment and fines for human trafficking.

The couples have ignored warnings they could become entangled in Cambodia’s murky and corrupt legal system.

Australia’s advises Australians not to visit Cambodia for the purpose of engaging in commercial surrogacy.

“We strongly caution Australians to consider all legal and other risks involved in pursuing international surrogacy,” the advice says. “You should be aware that the regulatory environment in a host country may change without warning,” it said.

“The absence of rules and regulations governing surrogacy in some countries should not be seen as condoning commercial surrogacy … the risks of entering into such arrangements in less regulated markets are high.”

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