More Single Men Are Becoming Fathers Through Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an option not only for Heterosexual or Homosexual couples, but is also one for Single Men looking to start a family. Many Law Firms and Surrogacy Agencies are able to help single men throughout their Surrogacy journey with the goal of helping them start a family.


If a single man wants to become a father but does not want to adopt, another viable option (thanks to advances in reproductive technology) is surrogacy. Many men do not even realize at first that this is a possibility for them. But all that changed back in 2000, Ian Muckingham became the first single man to create his family – a set of triplets – with the use of surrogate services, paving the way for other single men to do the same. “What I find with men,” notes a surrogacy and fertility specialist, “is one of two things. Either they have been successful in their career and business and they have not had time to meet anyone or they have had a really bad divorce and are afraid to get married and share their business and they would prefer to go it alone.” Admittedly, this method of creating a family remains a controversial topic no matter who is using the services of surrogate. But despite the fact that this is a legal gray area in many ways, more men in America and even abroad are considering it. – See more at:

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Surrogacy is an option for Single Men

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