A New Zealand Couple’s Story about their Surrogacy Journey in Mexico

From: stuff.co.nz

A New Zealand couple describes their Surrogacy journey in Mexico where they encountered problems before and during the arrangement. Their Surrogacy journey ended costing them more than what they expected.

David and Nicky Beard claimed they were trapped in the “dangerous” country after racking up tens of thousands of dollars of debt for the births of the three children.

David Beard told 60 Minutes the overall cost of having the children was enormous.

“I budgeted on $180,000 New Zealand dollars… It has cost us close to $377,000,” he said.

Read more about David and Nicky’s story here: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/80914558/Triplings-fathers-tell-the-world-of-dangers-of-Mexican-surrogacy

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