A Surrogate Mom Shares Her Story

From: CafeMom.com

Kassandra Wilsey, a professor at California State University Northridge, shares her Surrogacy journey about helping a same-sex couple in San Francisco start a family.

So you decided you wanted to be a gestational surrogate. What came next?
I reached out to my lawyer, a family lawyer, and she said she’d put the word out to see if anyone was looking for a surrogate.

I met a couple of people through the lawyer, and that felt weird, like, “Why should I get to choose who gets to have a child?” It was hard when you didn’t mesh with families.

But I met Matt and Britt through our lawyer and we did an online Skype. By the end of the Skype I was like, “You guys are great, I love you!” We just all clicked so well.

Okay, so you all like each other. Then what?
Well, then it’s contract time. The contract is a 24-page document covering all aspects. For instance, I like an epidural during labor, so I had to make sure that was okay with them. For some, it might be a deal-breaker. But I called the guys and I asked them and Britt was in the background yelling, “Get the drugs!”

I have no parental rights; it’s not my DNA. Once the contract is done, things get easier. They already had their doctor, they set up an appointment. I had to go through a psychologist first who talked me through, found me mentally sound to be able to do this process. They don’t want anyone doing this who’s just doing this for financial gain. You have to prove that your current financial situation has been stable for the past three years because they don’t want people being exploited.

Read Kassandra’s complete story here: https://thestir.cafemom.com/pregnancy/197299/what_its_like_to_be

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