Typical Fees for a Surrogacy Arrangement

  • Agency Fees (if agency is used)

    This fee is paid to a Surrogacy Agency for services relating to your Surrogacy journey. This typically covers advertising, interviewing, approving, and screening Surrogates, attending selected medical appointments, supporting you and your Surrogate, managing escrow disbursements, holding support group meetings for Surrogates, and managing your case from beginning to end.

  • Agency International Surcharge (if agency is used)

    This fee should be expected for Intended Parents residing outside the United States.

  • Agency Support Group Coordinator Fee (if agency is used)

    One time fee paid to a Surrogacy Agency to hold monthly Surrogate support group meetings and cover the cost for supplies, gifts, food & guest speakers.

  • Surrogate Reimbursement of Living Expenses

    Payment typically begins at the confirmation of fetal heartbeat. Costs are often paid to Surrogates monthly until delivery of the child.

  • Surrogate Monthly Miscellaneous Costs

    This monthly allowance is for any miscellaneous costs related to the Surrogacy arrangement and is intended to cover local (in county) mileage, parking, meals, childcare for medical appointments, postage, faxing, phone calls and over the counter vitamins or supplements. This fee begins as soon as the Surrogate signs her legal agreement and will continue until written termination of agreement by either party or after delivery.

  • Surrogate Support Group Attendance

    Paid monthly to a Surrogate for her attendance in mandatory support group meetings. Support group Surrogate fee will be established when she signs her legal agreement and will continue for the duration of the agreement.

  • Embryo Transfer Fee

    Paid to Surrogate and is intended to reimburse her for any lost wages, childcare or housekeeping as a result of bed rest due to the embryo transfer.

  • Maternity Clothing Allowance

    This fee covers maternity clothing needed for the Surrogate. Usually paid at the beginning of the second trimester (13-16) weeks.

  • Cesarean Section Fee

    This fee is to compensate for additional discomfort and recovery time required with doctor recommended C-Section

  • Insurance

    The insurance fee may vary depending on the Surrogate you select, single versus multiples pregnancy, and whether the Surrogate is currently insured with maternity benefits. Look for a policy that will cover 100% of your surrogacy, labor and delivery.

  • Life Insurance

    A one year policy is often purchased for the Surrogate and her family in the event of the Surrogate’s death.

  • Criminal Background Check

    Surrogates and spouses are often cleared criminally before they are added to Surrogate databases.

  • Psychological Screening

    Surrogates usually are asked to interview and undergo other tests to make sure they are ready and fully understand their role as a Surrogate.

  • Independent Escrow Fee

    Paid to the escrow company that is managing transfer of funds from Intended Parents to Surrogates or Egg Donors.

  • Attorney Fees

    Paid to your attorney either directly or via escrow to cover the Surrogacy Agreement draft, parental rights filing and Surrogate representation.

Each case varies by number of attempts to get pregnant, multiples, reduction, bed rest, lost wages and insurance. Expect experienced Surrogates to command higher fees. Many possible occurrences will be covered in your legal agreement as an “in the event of” basis.

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